What are the Features and Benefits of Next Level Texting?

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2021-02-05 14:15
  • Bulk SMS–Allows you to send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers. Send to 1 group or
    multiple groups at once to get massive business.
  • Unlimited Mobile Keywords- Provides you the ability to engage in keyword marketing.
    Get access to unlimited mobile keywords ideal for mobile marketing campaigns to appeal to
    a certain target market.
  • Bulk SMS Scheduling–Allows you to schedule messages in intervals to ensure your
    customers won't forget about you. Have complete control over when SMS messages can be
    sent out so that you can schedule out messages months in advance.
  • Autoresponders - Allows you to setup auto-responders to automatically send SMS back to
    the subscribers after they subscribe on a preset schedule.
  • MMS / Picture Messaging - Provides you the capability of using MMS that brings the best of
    email and urgency of SMS to your customer communications. Paint the whole picture with
    rich media on every mobile phone, with near-100% open rates.
  • 2-Way Messaging - Allows your existing subscribers to reply to your campaigns, send you
    text messages, and engage you in 2-way chat. It's a great way to stay connected and answer
    any your subscribers' questions.
  • Contests - Allows you to create SMS contests as a way to engage and reward your
    customers. Keep your current customers happy and engaged with your marketing
    campaigns. .
  • Birthday SMS Wishes - Helps you to easily collect your contacts' birthdays when they
    subscribe to your list. Then, on their birthday or even a certain amount of days before, the
    system will automatically send them your birthday SMS.
  • Facebook Integration - Provides you the ability to share your message to your Facebook
    page! Spread the word and increase participation among your fans giving you the ability to
    grow your subscribers.
  • Bulk SMS Delivery Stats - Allows you to view detailed stats like number of successful
    messages, number of failed messages. You can also delete any subscribers that have failed
    to receive messages.
  • Campaign Analytics - Allows you to track your campaigns to take a deeper look into which
    keywords are performing the best, detailed SMS logs, new subscribers and un-subscribers
    over a certain period of time.
  • Website Signup Widgets - Allows your customers to join a SMS marketing list through a
    web based form that is placed on a website, providing yet another cost-effective avenue to
    reach new consumers.
  • Text-to-Vote - Allows you to create text-to-vote polls to keep your subscribers engaged and
    interested in what you have to offer as well as collect valuable information and gain insight
    into what they want and need from you.
  • Mobile Splash Page Builder - Helps you to create your own pages with video, images, or any
    HTML and then send those page URLs out to your subscriber list to view.
  • Appointment Reminders - Allows you to schedule and send appointment reminders to your
    customers ensuring they won't forget about an appointment they made.
  • Link Shortening & Tracking - Allows you to shorten your links so they don't take up as
    many characters in your text messages and also track how many clicks were made for a
    given link to see how effective your message was.
  • Assign Multiple Long Codes - Allows you to add multiple numbers to a user account. Very
    useful if you have a large number of opt-in contacts to market to, you can spread your
    workload across multiple numbers!
  • Email Alerts - Allows you to get new subscriber email alerts as they happen or in a daily
    summary. Also get low credit balance email alerts so that you'll always be aware of when to
    replenish your credits.
  • Message Templates - Allows you to save common or often used SMS messages so that you
    will not have to re-enter the same message repeatedly. Simply select which template to use
    and have it auto-populate.
  • Broadcast from Phone - Allows you to blast out your SMS marketing campaigns with a
    simple text message from your phone. No need to login to your account!
  • QR Codes - Allows you to generate QR codes as a way to bridge your offline marketing
    campaign to the online medium.
  • Segment Your Contacts - Allows you to easily create groups within your text marketing lists.
    This organizes your contacts into groups and helps you to keep all your subscribers
  • Voice Broadcasting - Allows you to broadcast a voice message out to your contacts! Either
    type in a message and the system will convert the text into voice, or upload your own
    message via a MP3 file.
  • Upload Your Subscriber Lists - Allows you to migrate an opt-in SMS marketing list from
    somewhere else, provided you have explicit written consent from your subscribers.
  • Voicemail / Call Forwarding - Voicemail and call forwarding capability. Have the option to
    have your calls go directly to voicemail, where you can then listen to them inside the control
    panel, or have your calls forwarded to any number you wish!
  • SMS to Email/Email to SMS - Provides you the ability to get email notices when someone
    texts in something to your online number (SMS to Email). You can then respond directly to
    that email from your email client, the system will take that email, turn it around, and text
    them back (Email to SMS).
  • Name and Email Capture - Allows you to collect the name and email from a new subscriber
    joining your opt-in list to personalize your SMS messages and emails.
  • Contact Management - Allows you to easily search and manage all your subscribers in the
    contact management system that contains your contacts/subscribers.
  • SMS Loyalty Rewards - Allows you to offer SMS "punch card" loyalty rewards to your
    customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.
  • Kiosk Builder - Allows you to create an easy to use kiosk display. It provides your on-site
    customers with a user friendly display – letting them join a mobile club, check-in to a loyalty
    program, and check their current status.
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