How do I Add or Remove Members?

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2021-01-30 19:39

A new member can be manually added to a group. You may also remove a member.
To add or remove members, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to Groups>Manage Groups.
The Groups page will be displayed.

2. Click Members button in the row of the group for which you wish to add or remove
The Members dialog will be displayed. This will display all members/subscribers associated with
this group.

3. Click Add New Contact

The Add Contact dialog will be displayed.

4. From here, you can add new contact details.

Once the contact is added, the member is included to the selected group.

5. To remove a member from the group, click Delete button in the row of that member.
The message box asking you to confirm the removal of the selected member will be displayed.

6. Click OK.
The selected member will be removed from the group.

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