How do I Add or Edit a Contact?

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2021-01-30 20:25

You can manually add or edit a contact. To add or edit a contact, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to Contacts >Manage Contacts.
The Contacts page will be displayed.

2. Select Actions > Add Contact.
The Add Contact dialog will be displayed.

3. Select the required group to which this contact can be added, from the Groups field.
4. Enter the name of the contact person in the Name text entry box.
5. Enter the phone number of the contact in the Phone Number text entry box.
6. Enter the email address of the contact in the Email text entry box.
7. Enter the birth date of the contact in the Birthday text entry box.
8. Click Save.
The new contact will be saved.

9. To edit a contact, click Edit button in the row of that contact.

The Edit Contact dialog will be displayed.

10. Make the necessary changes in the required fields.
11. Click Save.
The changes made to the contact details will be updated.



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