How do I schedule an Appointment Reminder?

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2021-01-30 20:55

You can schedule appointment reminders to your contacts at the appropriate date and time. By
sending appointment reminders to your customers you will make sure that they won't forget
about an appointment they made. Search for your contacts then easily schedule an SMS to go
out to them at a specific date and time. A great way for companies to reduce no-shows because
their clients forgot about an appointment, which saves valuable time and money. Works great in
the medical field for doctors and dentists, and even for salons/spas and restaurants for
reservations you have.
To schedule an appointment reminder, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to Contacts >Manage Contacts.
The Contacts page will be displayed.

2. Click Addicon and select Schedule SMS for Contact option in the row of the
contact details for which you want to schedule an appointment reminder.
The Send Messages page will be displayed with that contact pre-selected in the contact pick
list. You can then enter in all the details according to the Send SMS section.

The new appointment reminder will be scheduled and can be viewed in the View Contacts
Scheduled Messages under the Actions drop down list.


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